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APS DATA Limited offer products and services for electronic payments and risk management to their customers. Our aim is to enable companies and consumers to process electronic payments worldwide smoothly and easily.

The security and protection of personal data is one of the most important aspects in processing payments. This is why APS DATA ensures compliance with the legal provisions on privacy.

This statement covers all key aspects of privacy. Please note the following information.

1. General information

This website provides information on the services offered by the APS DATA.

2. Accountable body

APS DATA Limited is located in Hong Kong.

Customers are accountable for all data processed as part of contracted data processing. APS DATA will refer to the respective customer in the event of any queries regarding this data.

3. Anonymous page view

As a rule, pages of the APS DATA website can be viewed anonymously. Data that is collected automatically (see below) is anonymized prior to its being stored and used.

4. Collection and use of personal data

APS DATA processes payment information on behalf of her customers (merchants) as part of payment processing and related services (e.g. risk management). Particularly in its role as a data processor, APS DATA works through its affiliated customers towards compliance with the principle of data efficiency as defined under the China Data Protection Act.

The affiliated customer (merchant) concerned is considered accountable for processed payment data. Sensitive data in particular, such as credit card numbers and account details, are processed as part of payment processing. This data is encrypted and stored in the APS DATA databases in compliance with PCI DSS regulations.

The data processed on behalf of an affiliated customer (merchant) is utilized only for the purpose requested by this customer - e.g. payment processing and risk management. Depending on the contracted service, additional information such as IP geolocation data and credit reports may also be consulted.

Any and all data processed on behalf of a customer will be stored as specified by the customer and also deleted at the customer's request - at the latest, however, following expiry of the legal term. In the event that a customer requests removal of their data before expiry of this term, the data will usually be blocked instead of being deleted.

5. Disclosure of personal data

APS DATA utilize personal data only as requested by its affiliated customers (merchants). This data is disclosed exclusively to subcontractors of the APS DATA group for the purpose of completing the transaction. This data may be disclosed to relevant service providers, e.g. credit rating agencies, for the purpose of identity verification and fraud prevention.

The data is not disclosed to other third parties - e.g. for the purpose of selling addresses.

Right of revocation concerning the collection, processing and use of personal data

The customer may revoke their consent to the collection, processing and utilization of personal data at any time with effect for the future. The revocation shall be addressed to the aforementioned accountable body. Please note that the APS DATA may not be able to perform certain services in the event of a revocation.

6. Automatically collected non-personal data.

When visiting the Website of the APS DATA statistical data are automatically collected and recorded in order to constantly improve the design of the APS DATA website. This includes the IP address, pages visited on the site, data and time of visit, cookies, and information regarding the visitor's browser, operating system and language settings. On the basis of this non-personal data user profiles are created using a pseudonym. Cookies may be used for this purpose (please refer to the definition of the term “Cookies” below under the respective headline). These data are processed only in pseudonymous form. This especially applies for the IP-address which is processed and stored only abbreviated i.e. without the last two number blocks. The data collected will not be used to personally identify the customer and will not be merged with personal data about the bearer of the pseudonym without the express permission of the respective individual. As soon as the storage of the data is no longer necessary for the creation of the user profile, they will be deleted.

7. Right of revocation concerning the collection, processing and utilization of non-personal data

The customer may revoke their consent to the collection, processing and utilization of personal data at any time with effect for the future. The revocation shall be addressed to the aforementioned accountable body. In this event the non-personal data of the respective customer will no longer be collected, processed or utilized. Please note that some parts of the Website of the APS DATA may - as consequence of the revocation - not work correctly. Furthermore all non-personal data of the opposing party which have already been stored will be deleted.

8. Cookies

Cookies are text files that are locally stored on the temporary storage of your internet-browser to recognize it. The APS DATA utilizes cookies in some sections of its website to make it easier for customers to use the site and to customize its design.

Customers can configure their browsers to inform them when a cookie is being saved or to prevent cookies from being saved altogether. Information on how to do this is available from the help function of the browser in question.

9. External links

Some pages of third parties are linked on the website of the APS DATA in order to provide customers with comprehensive information. APS DATA has no influence over the design of these websites and is not responsible for the content provided therein. The principles contained in this statement do not apply to the aforementioned external websites.

10. Right to information

At the request of a user, the APS DATA will provide them with information regarding the personal data held on file. At the request of this user, this information may also be provided by electronic means.